Lost or Stolen Card

shutterstock_259037483_300x200Please inform us immediately if your card is lost or stolen.

For your MasterCard® Debit or ATM card:

During our normal business hours, please contact any of our three branches–Main Office 937-667-8461, Vandalia Office 937-898-4372, or Butler Twp. 937-454-1400. If you are out of the area or it is after regular business hours, please call 833-337-6075 immediately to report that you no longer are in possession of your card. Once your card is reported lost or stolen, we will cancel that card number and reissue a new card that you should receive in 5-7 business days.  Please make sure that if you have any recurring charges on your card, i.e. monthly cable bill, cell phone bill, etc., that you call these billers and inform them your card was lost or stolen and give them your new card number as soon as you receive it.

For your Visa® or Mastercard® Credit Card:

Please call 800-367-7576 as soon as you become aware you are no longer in possession of your card, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  A new card will be issued immediately and all transactions will be stopped on your credit card.  Please make sure if you had any recurring payments that you notify the biller of your new card number as soon as you receive it.